About Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte, the Skinny Guy’s Nutritionist and the Consumption of Fruit and Vegetable Juice!

If you have ever tried to find tips about how to increase the pace of your muscle growth with diet changes and exercises, you have surely heard about Vince del Monte.vince del monte

Vince earned his popularity with his special workout and diet system called the No-Nonsense Muscle Building System that has already helped thousands of people make the most of their workout sessions, and has made it possible for everyone to have the beautiful, trimmed, head-turning bodies they only dreamed about.

Let’s see now what his Get Juiced system is about in a nutshell…

How Vince Del Monte AKA Skinny Vinnie Turned into the Skinny Guy’s Savior

Vince del Monte used to be nicknamed Skinny Vinnie for a reason. He was thin as a child, thin as a teenager and skinny as an adult. No matter how strenuous his exercise program was, he just didn’t seem to put on any muscles.

Until he got down to work and put together a revolutionary fitness training and dietary system that made it possible for him to put on as much as 40 pounds of lean muscle within an astonishing 24 weeks.

His system offers the same results for anyone eager to develop a more muscular physique without the use of special gym equipment, without sweating long hours in the gym and without any dangerous supplements.

The story behind Vince del Monte’s amazing muscle building system started when he met a body building champion who showed him how to train for maximum effects.

The surprisingly simple exercises Vince started using helped him put on 20 pounds of muscles within the first month and his transformation continued until his body looked just the way he wanted.

His no-nonsense system explains not only how to do his exercises the right way, but he also explains the mistakes that have prevented you to achieve the desired results until now.

Vince’s Diet Tips and His Involvement with the Juicing Movement

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Muscle gain is impossible without the proper diet and Vince is well aware of that.

His system contains not only the exercise plan to turn on your body’s muscle building mechanisms, but a detailed and complex diet plan as well.

His system will tell you everything about what you need to eat to switch your body into a muscle building turbo mode and all this with a healthy, balanced diet.

Vince del Monte has recently co-authored another ground-breaking book with Drew Canole, this time about juicing and its incredible health benefits.

The book is entitled Get Juiced and it offers a detailed guide to fruit and vegetable juices.

It also offers numerous healthy and delicious juice recipes that can supercharge your immune system, cleanse your body and set you on the right track towards your ultimate muscle growth and weight loss goals.

Vince del Monte is your ultimate expert if you want to trim your body and have a healthy diet.

His system is simple and easy to follow, his get juiced recipes are healthy and delicious and he offers you the chance of getting into the best shape without using any fancy workout equipment any harmful supplements.